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Signs That You Need to Replace Your Graphics Card

When it comes to video games and professional 3D works, a graphics card plays a major role as a critical component, and its failure may make your PC unusable. A graphics card a is a hardware added to your computer, and it usually has its own set of issues. It can be frustrating to use a computer whose graphics card is not working properly. Graphics card may fail in different ways, with various warning signs hints on the need for replacement.

Computer Crashes


Graphics cards with a problem can make a PC to crash. The crashes are usually varied and may give you a simple bluescreen or a total lock-up where the PC freezes but shows no bluescreen. Moreover, you may noticeĀ other PCs having random restarts or powering off. Also, please note that not all computer crashes are a result of graphics card issues. However, if you get memory dumps enabled, then the graphics card driver could be the culprit.


Artifacts are usually caused by dust buildup, heat, or excessive over-locking. Although sometimes the issue can be fixed by a restart, you can be certain to experience re-occurrence if your graphics card is faulty. You will notice unusual visuals on the screen; the colors will appear strange, stretching of the 3D models with no reason, or the whole screen will be covered with visual garbage. Moreover, digital snow may appear on the monitor.

Loud Fan Sounds

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You may need to be a bit keener when the fan noise becomes louder than normal. It could be an indicator that your card has malfunctions leading to overheating. In some cases, it may sound like a small jet is taking off within the PC.

Once you find out that it’s the fan on your graphics card, it may be a sign that it is faulty. Furthermore, you can try to clean out your PC to remove dust buildup. However, if you cannot quiet down the fan, then it is a possible internal problem. In other incidents, your screen may go black for a few seconds. As it returns, you get information about video drivers having been crashed and needed to be restarted.

Besides, your entire PC will not crash, but it cannot be very pleasant when it occurs often. However, be notified that malware, RAM problems, or a drying hard drive can cause problems. Therefore, do not conclude by one sign. For instance, if you experience stuttering with other warning signs, you have a right to say that it is your graphics card.…

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